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Stop Building Mediocre Products

Lets face it - most digital products and experiences out there are mediocre (at best).

They do not meet customers real needs, are hard to use, full of feature bloat, barely register a business impact, take too long, and cost way too much to build.

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The goal of this newsletter is to help you build great products and experiences that customers love.

We share with you modern product development practices, the very same practices that are used by Digital Leaders, so that you can build better products, deliver bigger impact, faster.

About your author: Mustafa Kapadia

I am a consultant.  I have been one since 1998.  I am also a husband, a father, a blogger, a big fan of the outdoors, and a bunch of other things too.

I have had the privilege of helping 50+ Fortune 500 clients transform – by helping them build products, set up and run innovation labs, and adopt new ways of working.

I currently lead Google’s Digital Innovation practice. Prior to that, I ran IBM’s Digital Transformation, Innovation, and Product Development consulting practices. My brother and I also run a boutique product management consultancy, where we help select clients build great products. Check out my LinkedIn profile.

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